Email Integration

After you signed up with iHelpdesk, you have been assigned an email account. For example, if your site name is acme, then you will have an email account Emails sent to this account will be automatically converted to tickets, although you can set up ticket or email rules to filter out non-ticket emails. You can forward your emails from your other email accounts to this account.

Or if still want to use your existing accounts, you can configure POP3/IMAP settings to retrieve emails from other sources:


To reply emails from other email accounts, you can add them to the reply email addresses (“Admin/Reply Email Accounts”):


One of the reply email addresses is the default. When replying, the email address in the “To” field of the original email becomes the “From” address if it is already one of the reply email addresses.


For spam emails, you can select them and press “Report Spam” button to move them to spam folder. However, a user has been created after a spam is received. To permanently delete spam users and their emails, press the “User/Search” button, and then check the “Whose emails were marked as spam”, as shown below:


In the search results panel, check carefully all the users in the results and select all the spam users then delete them. However, some of the spam emails may use legitimate email accounts as their “From” addresses, so you have to be careful with what users are really spam senders.